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Sustainability and sustainable development

At FGF Trapani we are dedicated to the production of citrus fruits and derived products, and one of our most important objectives is to offer quality products that are healthy and natural. Our purpose: to be a leading company in the national and international market for the production of citrus fruits and their derivatives, committed to sustainable development.

What does sustainability mean to us?

Take care of environmental, social and economic aspects, satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.

Aware of our responsibility, we have implemented a sustainability policy that allows us to manage our operating practices to contribute to the care of the environment and the well-being of society.

A triple impact strategy

Our triple impact strategic plan is aimed at generating economic, social and environmental value and that is why:

  • We continuously improve our processes with innovative technologies to manage the impacts, risks and opportunities on climate change, pollution, use of natural resources, biodiversity and circular economy.
  • We engage with our stakeholders to consider the expectations of workers, the value chain and the community in our decisions.
  • We strengthen our organizational culture for effective management of material sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities.


Among other actions, for example:

  • We monitor the indicators of our environmental objectives such as: carbon footprint, water footprint, energy consumption, use of agrochemicals and generation of waste and emissions.
  • We implement a program to eradicate child labor and protect adolescent work and another for equal opportunities and non-discrimination, within the framework of our human rights policy.
  • We carry out training processes for our managers, middle managers and collaborators in relation to our integrity policies and Compliance mechanisms.

Learn about our program to reduce the use of agrochemicals: laboratory of beneficial insects and fungi

In our beneficial insects and fungi laboratories, a variety of organisms that contribute to the ecological balance and health of crops are researched and produced. In both Argentina and Peru, the facilities are an integral part of our sustainability policy, which seeks to reduce the use of agrochemicals and promote organic agriculture.

Our commitment to the SDGs

At FGF Trapani we also care about the well-being of our workers, suppliers and local communities, guaranteeing decent working conditions, promoting training and professional development, and promoting inclusion and gender equality, contributing to the economic and social growth of our collaborators. and areas of influence.

In that sense, we are a company aligned with the 10 principles of the Global Compact to which we adhere and report annually and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), on which we base our action plan.

We believe it is essential to be part of the global solution to address these critical issues. That is why we are committed to continuing working, innovating and improving our processes, so that their impact is positive and helps create a safer, richer and healthier future.

No povertyZero hungerGood health and well-beingQuality educationGender equalityClean water and sanitation

Affordable and clean energyDecent work and economic growthIndustry, innovation and infrastructureReduced inequalitiesSustainable cities and communitiesResponsible consumption and production

Climate actionLife below waterLife on landPeace, justice and strong institutionsPartnerships for goals

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