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Citrus excellence. Essential oil, Concentrated Juice, Clarified Juice, Citrus Fiber, Fruit Essence, Dehydrated Shell, NFC Juice, Powdered Juice

Dedicated to the production of citrus fruits and its derivatives since 1937.

Get to know some of our products

FGF Trapani produces high quality citrus fruits, both organic and conventional, with a high juice content. These are some of the products we make from them.

  • Essential oil
  • Concentrated
  • Clarified Juice
  • Citrus Fiber
  • Fruit Essence
  • Dehydrated
  • NFC Juice
  • Powdered Juice

We are one of the main suppliers of citrus fruits in the southern hemisphere, from Argentina and Peru.

A great production capacity and the highest quality of our products have transformed us into one of the most important suppliers in the sector.

Processed Tons Yearly
Supplied Countries
Customers worldwide

At FGF Trapani, quality and sustainability go hand in hand

Our quality policy is based on four fundamental pillars: sustainability, innovation, technology and commitment. Thus, we work every day to achieve products of excellence through production processes that protect the environment.

Our history

We are a family business dedicated to the production of citrus, with fresh lemon and its derivatives being our main products. Our plant is located in the northwest of Argentina, in fertile lands with unique agroecological conditions in which we have produced sustainably and responsibly since 1937.



We are an agro-export company, dedicated to the cultivation, industrialization and export of citrus fruits, mainly lemon. We transmit our work culture and experience of more than 80 years, which has always been committed to the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers, and with the firm objective of generating resources and well-being for those who are part of the company.



To be an international benchmark company in the world of citrus through the production and marketing of high quality citrus fruits. Offer innovative products to our customers, exceeding their expectations based on a responsible and sustainable production method with our collaborators, society and the environment.


  • Authentic leader.
  • Proactive and optimistic.
  • Helpful.
  • Effective communication.
  • Teamwork.
  • Gratitude.


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